Lock Up Schedule

Lock up Checklist

  • 2 Thermostats (Chapel and Fellowship Hall)

    • They are programmed...make sure they are set to "schedule" so they shut off at the appropriate time.​​​

    • Fan is set to "auto"​

  • Power down sound system (white amp remote first, then power strip under desk)​

  • Turn off computer monitor

  • All lights off​

  • Quick Bathroom check (no "surprises")

  • All exterior doors closed

    • Make sure first Fellowship Hall door is locked (lock tab is horizontal)​

  • Quick kitchen check​

    • No food left out​

    • Ovens tuned off

  • Lock the front door ​

*During the school year, when CSB is using the Fellowship Hall, they will take care of Fellowship Hall shut-off and front door lock-up.​​


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